Friday, September 26, 2008

Exclusive: Enrique Iglesias receives MTV Gold Video Plays Award in Malta

Music Photography as difficult as it can be; sometimes offers up the opportunity to do certain things that the average person in the street could only dream of. One such opportunity came my way during the recent Isle of MTV Special held in Malta earlier in the Summer. MTV execs asked me to photograph Enrique Iglesias receiving an MTV Video Plays Gold Award. I was both honoured and taken aback to say the least. So off we marched backstage right up to Enriques caravan, knocked on the door and ... well I wont bore you with the details, the resulting shots are shown below, all I will add is that Enriques was not too pleased with a certain football teams result in the Euro Championships... nuff said.

As far as Iam aware no one in Malta knew about this presentation as it was kept rather hush hush - so there you have it - my Music Photography Exclusive.... thank you and good night.

Captions: Top: Enrique with his well earned MTV Gold Video Plays Award for plays in excess of 4,000 for 'Do you know' on MTV.
Centre: The MTV Gold Video Plays Award.
Bottom: Enrique and his Manager.

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