Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ira & Band Basking in the Glory

Another of the photos taken at last nights Bay Music Awards. This is Ira and Band, back stage in the V.I.P. area, basking in the glory of winning the first award, little did they know there was more to come!!

Ira Losco Does the Double

Congratulations to Ira Losco, her band and management team who last night managed to scoop two honours at the Bay Music Awards held at the Eden Arena. It was great to witness and photograph all of the hard work finally being appreciated. Well done Ira or should I say prosit haffna! This is the first image off the camera, Iam of to Paris for four days tomorrow and thought I had better upload this post before I leave. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Malta Tourism Authority Campaign

What a busy week last week was! I shot Ira Losco and band at the Manoel Theatre and Axis and was comissioned to shoot a Malta Tourism Authority Campaign by Peak/Ogilvy Malta. The venue was Upper Barracca during the Thomas Cook Annual Conference. The concept was to show people enjoying themselves in Malta, and what a sight it was. Basically the girls in the shot are all Thomas Cook employees not professional models, and really got into the spirit of tings, as you can see in the aboe image. The view of the three cities with a firework and light show added to the magic of the evening. The girls all commented on how beautiful Malta was and how much they had enjoyed their stay. Isnt it just great when we get to hear and see the good things Malta has to offer instead of the usual complaints? We sometimes take this beautiful country too much for granted.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ira Losco Unmasked Launch

Another of the images taken at Axis on Wednesday night. In all there are 117 images which will be handed over to Iras management tomorrow evening, just before I shoot the Bay Music Awards.

Ira Losco Rocks Axis

Ira Losco launches new album with a rocking party at Axis! Wednesday 6th December saw me returning to an old haunt - Axis in Paceville. I had not been there for years, but a chance to cover the launch of Ira Loscos new album saw me rubbing the cobwebs off my dancing shoes. It was a great night to say the least, Ira and band were a delight and I got some great shots. It was a tribute to the quality of the talent we have available in Malta, not just Iras performance but also the sound and light show was one of the best I have seen. I must admit that the event had me tapping my feet and doing the funky chicken on occasions (when no one was looking of course). Congrats to everyone involved!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Manoel Theatre gets a hint of Glamour

Another one of the images taken at the Manoel Theatre on Saturday night. It was captured on an Eos 1ds Mark 2 digital SLR, tranferred to photoshop cs and given a bleach bypass effect, I wont bore you with the details, but I think you will agree the effect is very fitting, given the location.

Ira Losco Manoel Theatre Unplugged

On Saturday night I was once again asked to photograph Ira Losco and band at the Manoel Theatre Unplugged Concert in Malta. It goes without saying that the perfomance was awesome as usual. Hard to believe as Ira and band had just come through a week of long hours and hard work rehearsing for the upcoming launch party of the new album at Axis on Wednesday. I really dont know where they get the energy from.

Riverside Shopping Centre Shrewsbury

This is just one of three different shopping centres photographed on my recent visit to the U.K. Commissioned by Positive Advertising to show the centres owners the feasibility of floor space branding. Each centre had 4 different areas to be photographed and then comped up in photoshop. Everything was completed in less than 24hrs just in time for my early o clock return to Malta.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bovril - Beefy Goodness!

This week I shot the new Bovril inter Warmth billboard in the studio. The image was captured with a Canon Eos 1DS Mark II, transferred to photoshop cs for retouching and delivered to the client on cdrom. The billboard should go live all across Malta week commencing 20th November 2006.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Diet, What Diet?

I have to say Iam a great fan of chocolate, so when I was approached by Alf Mizzi & Sons to shoot the Bahlsen family Billboard image my mouth was watering to say the least! My studio was awash with delicious biscuits of all shapes and sizes, needless to say my diet went out the window.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Riu Seabank Hotel gets the Barbados Look

Riu Seabank Hotel recently commissioned me to shoot their facade and reception area. The shoot lasted two days and the images were delivered on dvds converted to high resolution for print and jpegs for screen based work. The images are now whizzing all over the world to tour operators. This is the third time I have been commissioned by the Hotel, but the first since being rebranded under the Spanish hoteliers Riu.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Paycare Recommend a Friend

Its been a busy month to say the least! This week I shot a series of images for, for their upcoming Recommend a Friend campaign. Shot on digital in colour, the images were converted to black and white in photoshop cs and the colour vouchers dropped in, shown here are the women, I also shot a male version. They will be used as a splash page intro on the Paycare website and for direct mail campaigns. Needless to say the agency (Positive Advertising) and the client loved the images. They should be live within 10 days.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Bob Geldof Gets Shot in Malta

Sir Bob Geldof was in Malta recently to promote awareness of the YMCA Homeless Campaign. I had the pleasure of a press pass due to being Ira Loscos official photographer for the evening. I must say Sir Bob was great as was Ira and her band. My images were accepted by Camera Press for worldwide syndication.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Official Ira Losco Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of being Ira Losco’s official photographer for the YMCA Support the Homeless Concert in Malta. Sir Bob Geldof was the headline act, but Ira and band gave a great performance and I managed to get some great shots. Which was not very difficult due to the rather appealing subject matter. Ira was very pleased with the images, which were presented to her on cd rom, so happy in fact that a copy of the cd was sent to Sir Bobs management team. Iam therefore awaiting the phone call to whisk me away to fame and glory!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Just Add Robinsons

A recent studio shot of Robinsons Orange Squash for an outdoor billboard. Commissioned by Storm Creative Services. Client: Alf Mizzi and Sons.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Great Escape!

Taken on a recent trip across Europe, this shot epitomises my trip. The Great Escape! No work, no stress, just a relaxing drive across Europe from London to Malta in 2 days!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Malta at its Best

We all complain about the building works, the hunters, the roads etc etc. But lets just stop for a moment and appreciate what we really have. I have spent the last 12months capturing what I think, are images of what the true beauty of Malta means to me. Shot on an old Linhoff 5x4 field camera and Fuji Velvia, the series will, once finished, be something that I, and hopefully a lot of Maltese will be proud of. Iam hoping to hold an exhibtion of the finished works once complete. That is if I ever find the time!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wales is Bloomin Georgeous!

Wales in the Summer time, georgeous weather, what more could you ask for? Well it was for one of the two days I spent at Swn y Mor Holiday Park in Borth, Wales. It rained non stop on the first day of the shoot and I was beginning to fear the worst. The second day turned out fine and I managed to get a good selection of images thank goodness. The images will be added to the image library I shot 2 years ago and used on everything from advertising, direct mail and web based media.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Glan y Mor in the Summertime

One in a series of images for Glan y Mor Leisure Park. I spent two days in Wales in July and the weather was perfect. The agency (Positive Advertising) briefed me to capture the essence of the holiday park in the Summer time. This image says it all. The only thing missing is the friend egg on this poor guys head! This is the second time I have photographed this park.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Burnt to a Crisp in Wales

Commissioned by UK advertising agency Positive Advertising, I have recently returned from a 2 day shoot in North Wales. Shooting promotional images for Taliesin, a luxury Lodge Development currently at the planning stage. I have never felt the heat so much as I did in these 2 days, I came back to Malta burned to a crisp, and not wanting to hear another sheep so long as I live!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Another in the LG Series

Thi is another one of the LG Davis images created for their website. I was briefed to show the printers services, in this case business cards.

UK Printer Gets Polished Look

One in a series of 15 images shot in the studio for UK based printer LG Davis. The shoot took 3 days and included various images for use on the companies website. Shot in digital, the images were transferred to photoshop cs for cleaning up.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Hawkstone Park Follies

This is a shot of my daughter Emma for Hawkstone Park Hotel Follies. An outdoor park in Shropshire, U.K. It will be used on the parks brochure for the upcoming season.