Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Microtek Medical USA Annual Report

Just one of the many images taken this week at Microtek Medical in Mosta Technopark. I was commissioned by a U.K. public relations company to take photos to be used in the American companies Annual Report. I spent the day taking photos in clean rooms, warehousing, extrusion and textile departments. All hi-res images were burnt to DVD and custom boxed before being sent off to the states.

Ira Losco Tenth Tent, Nadur, Gozo

One of the images taken at the recent Ira Losco gig in Nadur, Gozo on February 10th 2007. It was a great night as usual, with the after party being held in our hotel room until the early hours of the morning. Apparently the rest of the crew decided that we had the best room, so there was no sleep to be had! made even worse by the fact that myself and Alex had a big family meal the next day. Mutterings of anti-social so and so’s and dirty stop outs were the order of the day.