Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travel photography for visitors from Hong Kong

Earlier in the Summer I was contacted by Sammy and Mark from Hong Kong. They were planning to visit Malta for the first time and wanted me to photograph them whilst they were here. I agreed to do the shoot and spent a wonderful day with both Sammy & mark, showing them the sights of Malta and recording the day in pictures.

Sammy Tang is a landscape architect and Mark Lam is a lawyer - both based in Hong Kong.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Band promo Photography for the Rifffs

Band Promo photography for the Rifffs, taken recently in Valletta, Malta. These are just two of the many images taken. I will post more shortly.

The RIFFFS were formed in 1979 with Ray on guitar and vocals, Cooks on bass, Twanny (Najju) on drums, Humbalance on keyboards and Rayvin on rhythm guitar and backing vocals. After a succession of gigs a demo was recorded which was instrumental for the band to sign a recording contract in 1981 with an independent UK record company called ‘Alternative Music’ based in Bromley Kent. ‘Dance Music for the 80s Depression’ was chosen as the song to record and the band where booked into ‘Wave Studios’ on Hoxton Square in Shoreditch, London to the record the single. Gigs around London where arranged and the single was starting to gain airplay in the UK. The future looked rosy for the boys which at the time where all living in Camberwell, and after the release of ‘Dance Music’ in Malta thinks looked even better. The band returned to Malta and played a succession of concerts and made several appearances on TV. The single went up to No 1 in the Maltese charts and remained in that position for a number of weeks. Unfortunately back in the UK the record company was facing financial difficulties and eventually went bankrupt leaving ‘the Rifffs’ with just one record to their name and no one to distribute or market the single in the UK. Ray and Rayvin decided to stay in the UK to persue their musical career but unfortunately due to family commitments the rest of the band returned to Malta and that was the end of 'the Rifffs' that is until 25years later when Rayvin came back to Malta after living abroad for that period of time and contacted the boys to see how they would feel about reforming the band. The response was unanimous and plans where made to record all the old songs so that ‘the Rifffs’ can finally have an album to their name. The first recording session was made on the 22st March 2006 and 3 tracks were laid down. These were ‘Life of Crime’, a new song penned by Ray just after Rayvin met him again to talk about reforming, 'Little Girl' and ‘Who’s the Spy’ which were originally written and performed by ‘the Rifffs’ in 1980 and which still sounded as fresh and exciting as they did way back when the band started. The band played their first gigs after 25 years on the 29th and 30th of April 2006 at Tattingers night club in Rabat infront of a mixed crowd of people that remembered the band from the 80’s and youngsters who were not even born when ‘the Rifffs’ had their original success. Both concerts were a fantastic experience for the band members and crowd alike. 'the Rifffs' gave a show of a lifetime and the huge crowd present reciprocated by adding to the electrifying atmosphere with their dancing and singing along to their favourite tunes from the past and present.

Since than the band have released 3 singles. 'Life of Crime' was the first to be release in April 2006 followed by a period of rehearsing new material and playing more gigs. 'Jack the Ripper' was released in June 2007 which hailed the bands partnership with record producer Howard Keith. This collaboration plus the introduction of a brass section, reproduced the raw and energetic sound that the band have when they play live. The song was a hit and re-established the band after a bit of an absence. 'Monday Morning' was the last to be released in September 2007 and is looking like becoming another hit. Plans for the long awaited album are still in progress and hope to have the finished article by the middle of next year.

Copyright: Allen Venables.

A couple of recent shots taken for The Rifffs in Valletta, Malta.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Music Photography

I was at Sky Club on Saturday night for the Colcci Fashion Party organised by G7 Events. This is one of the photos from the event - Lexter performing his smash hit 'Freedom to Love'. I left the venue at 4am and got absolutely drenched on the way back to my car, who said drips dont get wet!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interior Photography for

I have recently completed a set of interior photography for the website. This is one example of a set of images taken at the tail end of Summer, more can be seen throughout the site and especially the gallery section over at

The property is an outstanding example of what can be done with a lot of hard work and imagination - quoting the site - Enjoy the privilege of being the only guests in a private Gozo holiday villa. "My gozo villa" takes the best of modern contemporary living and effortlessly fuses it with traditional Gozitan style. Whether your taste is, classic or contemporary, the interiors, gorgeous bedrooms and small intimate pool make it easy to relax in absolute comfort.

If you are looking for a stress free break in luxurious surroundings visit: