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Paycare Direct Mailshot

Well this is truly an image I will remember. It was captured on an eos 1ds mark 2 in my studio. The first model commissioned was not liked by the UK client so I (yes moi) had to take the daunting task of stepping in front of the camera as well as shooting the image. The things that some people do for money eh? The final image is a montage of about six different photographs, comped in photoshop and used in a direct mail campaign in the UK. The concept was to show that Paycare (a leading private health insurance company in the UK) will pay for all of your medical ailments whatever they maybe. Hence the money being strategically placed around my rather well rounded body. I spent a morning scanning sterling, removing serial numbers, and printing pound notes - I almost felt rich for a moment! The final hi res image was sent via ftp, where it was dropped into the final artwork by Positive Advertising and is at this very moment dropping through letter boxes all over the U.K. What a sight with your kellogs in the morning, as one executive at paycare duly noted - it looks like a corpse with no hair - there goes my dreams of a vogue cover and multi million pound modelling career!

Live Music Jam, Ira Losco Rocks!

I know this blog is beginning to appear as a homage to Ira Losco and Band but I can assure you that I will be uploading some different subjects in the near future, and that I do have a day job! This is just one more of the 200 or so images taken at the Vodafone Music Jam on Saturday 17th March 2007. St Patricks day passed without a drop of Guinness passing my lips, although I must admit a few glasses of wine and cold beer made up for this! It never ceases to amaze me what hard work Ira Losco and band and the whole crew put into these events. Obviously this hard work is never seen by messrs joe public but I can assure you the Ira Losco family works there cotton socks off to ensure they deliver the first class events you have all come to expect.

Ira Losco & Band Rock Vodafone Music Jam

The very first Vodafone Music jam was a great success to say the least. I was there as Ira Losco’s official photographer and what a night it was. Ira & Band, management and crew all spent endless hours before the gig rehearsing and ensuring that all would go well on the night. What can i say, great performance, excellent music, fantastic location and a packed crowd of over 2000 people at The Hilton, Malta. Almost 200 hundred hi resolution photos were taken on the night and after a long week of converting in photoshop cs 2 I can honestly say it was well worth it! Thanks to all concerned as usual!