Monday, August 14, 2006

Bob Geldof Gets Shot in Malta

Sir Bob Geldof was in Malta recently to promote awareness of the YMCA Homeless Campaign. I had the pleasure of a press pass due to being Ira Loscos official photographer for the evening. I must say Sir Bob was great as was Ira and her band. My images were accepted by Camera Press for worldwide syndication.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Official Ira Losco Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of being Ira Losco’s official photographer for the YMCA Support the Homeless Concert in Malta. Sir Bob Geldof was the headline act, but Ira and band gave a great performance and I managed to get some great shots. Which was not very difficult due to the rather appealing subject matter. Ira was very pleased with the images, which were presented to her on cd rom, so happy in fact that a copy of the cd was sent to Sir Bobs management team. Iam therefore awaiting the phone call to whisk me away to fame and glory!