Monday, October 06, 2008

Wayan Garden Furniture Photography

The following shots were commissioned by Marketlink Malta for Wayan 1 - a retail outlet selling outdoor garden furniture amongst other things. The photos were used in advertising campaigns in Malta to introduce the brand on the local market. Shot on location in Malta.


Data Entry Professionals said...
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Monic LeMarsh said...

Nicely designed and good looking. I would like to have some of these for me.
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Tony Destroni said...

wow very impressive garden furniture's and very elegant . i wish to have one at home . i think this fits my wind spinner and wind chimes imagining how relaxing is it at the end of the day . thank you for sharing this . i love it

Margery said...

Those garden chairs sure looks relaxing, even just by looking at them. In my opinion, it would look good when hand forged iron sconces are placed near them, especially at night due to the calming brightness it shares in addition to the comfort of those chairs.

But in gardening itself, I've used hand forged iron hooks placed under the sconces to hang my plants and to give off a medieval appeal to the garden.