Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Death defying Stunt in Gozo

It was at Club XS in Gozo with ira Losco and Band where I performed what I would call my first special prank of 2007. For those that know me I have quite a reputation for very funny accidents, and Gozo was to be xtra special. We arrived at the club in the afternoon where the owner informed me that they had reserved on of the dancers cages for me to shoot from (damn, and I had forgotten to pack my pink spandex leotard). Well the gig started and I got some great shots from my elevated platform above the packed crowd. After the first song I decided to get closer to the stage and this is when the fun started. As I put my foot on the first rung of the ladder, I realised something was wrong, something was very wrong! Someone must have spilt a drink on the platform, and the next thing I knew I was airborne. One hundred kilos of pure me horizontal above the dancefloor in Gozo. Seconds later I came crashing down with a huge thud. My first thoughts were shit I must have broken my camera, quickly followed by.... or my back and then most importantly... I hope no one saw that! Which of course was an utter dream on my part, a good portion of the crowd were staring at me in amazement, which is when the cartoon syndrome kicked in - quick as a flash, I jumped to my feet muttering didnt hurt, didnt hurt, and hurriedly scampering off to the front of the stage nursing a damaged ego! So look at the photo above and just imagine the physical and mental pain I was going through when I took it!

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